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DAP Features

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP), the most popular download manager, provides powerful acceleration that lets you download files in the fastest speed possible.

Today, without an acceleration engine, one will hardly ever make a true full use of the available bandwidth, especially when connected to a super-fast / fiber connection.

With DAP you can enjoy the full bandwidth you are paying for to the max. DAP kicks in seamlessly when you attempt to download a file. It then uses its dynamic acceleration engine to download the very same file using multi channels from the original source as well as other publicly available sources to make the best possible use of the bandwidth available to you for the fastest possible download time.

One-click Free Video Download

Wish you could watch online videos anywhere you are? Need to show an online video but can’t rely on access to the internet? Want to share videos with friends without having the picture freeze?

Watching videos online is fun and easy, but in some cases downloading videos and having them handy on your computer will save you time and energy. For example, when you are on the road and an internet connection is not available, when you spend too much time on searching for the same video over and over, when you want to backup your favorite videos so they will always be available to you, when you just want to listen to a video’s music on your iPhone or iPod. Having the video on your computer lets you watch and share it anytime without the need for an internet connection and without the exprience of picture freezes (buffering) and distracting ads that you get when watching videos online.

Convert Online Videos to MP3 files

DAP 10 lets you easily convert your favorite online videos to MP3 audio files. Just copy and paste the video URL or click the Download MP3 button and DAP will do all the work for you.

DAP will even add the MP3 file to your iTunes library, so you can start enjoying your music instantly. If you wish to let DAP automatically synchronize your MP3 downloads with your iTunes library, check the Easy Sync checkbox on the Download MP3 download window. If you just wish to add a single file to your iTunes library, right click on the file name and choose Add to iTunes. You can also set the names of the album and artist from the same right-click menu. These settings will be added to iTunes as well.

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Operating Systems

  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

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