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Record every keystroke typed on keyboard in covert, invisible way. In addition to keylogging function, this program is able to scan clipboard for changes, monitor Internet navigation, record runnings applications and capture screen. With Free Keylogger you will know what other users are doing on computer. Download keylogger and begin monitoring right now.

Keystroke logging
This software can record all keystrokes and save into special reports, sorted by date. Once recorded, you can open the reports and read everything that was typed on keyboard – emails, chats, passwords, documents etc.

Internet monitoring
You can find out what websites and webpages were visited by user. This is very a effective option, especially for parents who want to protect their children online. The program works with all popular browsers.

Full invisibility
The keystroke logger operates in covert way. It is hidden in Task Manager, Start menu and uninstall list. Nobody know about presence of the program on computer. Just set the special hot key to show/hide keylogger. It’s easy and safe.

Unmatched simplicity
Free Keylogger was awarded 5 stars on, the most popular and respected download portal in the world. Editor said that our keystroke logger is the easier-to-use monitoring software he ever seen. It’s on the first position in Monitoring category.

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Operating Systems

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

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System Requirements
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Mac, Linux
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0+
Other versions: Firefox 1.0.1+
Contains no adware or spyware 100% Safe