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ImageGrab allows you to extract images from all kind of videos avi, mpeg, wmv, live video streams, not encrypted DVDs, and many more. The captured image can be saved to a drive in either .bmp or .jpg format. The jpeg-quality is adjustable. You may even copy it in the clipboard, in order to use it in your favorite application.

it can save the preferences in order to find them at next start of the program.
building file names by adding numbers is possible with any number of digits.
the command line switches are now very powerful, and even integrated in the Windows interface
it can open the source or dest folders with a click
there are more keyboard shortcuts and they are listed in the Settings panel
Volume of sound can be adjusted

This application heavily uses directshow filters (directX video functions). So be sure to have directshow filters (also known as codecs) correctly installed for the videos which you want to operate.

There is no need of an installation, just launch the exe-file. Nothing is copied onto the hard-disks or to the register at start. So uninstall it just by deleting the exe-file. If you saved the preferences (either to the registry or an ini-file, delete the prefernces before deleting the exe-file – see in F10, panel “preferences”)

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  • Windows XP, Vista, 7,

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