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Stamp lets you rename your digital camera photos so they sort in chronological order.

It uses the EXIF metadata that is contained in digital photos and renames the files, using the date information as the name, in addition to incremental numbers as well as optional batch information and sequence numbers.

Since the program sets the date information as first part of the file name, they can be easily sorted in Windows Explorer, using the true creation date.

Stamp can also maintain the original file name and include it as part of the new name, and download images directly from your camera. All operations can be previewed and the output saved to a different folder.

The program can extract metadata dates from any JPEG or TIFF image file that contains standard DCF/EXIF metadata

In addition, it can also read metadata from several proprietary formats, including CIFF dates in CRW RAW images and RIFF dates in AVI videos and WAV audio files.

Features and Benefits
Works with all digital cameras
Works with photos and audio/video files
Downloads files directly from many cameras
Batch processes folder trees automatically
Fast and safe – never modifies file contents
Configurable options, filters, and filename formats
Comprehensive User Guide

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Operating Systems

  • Windows 98, 2000, XP,

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