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ZS4 Video Editor

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ZS4 Video Editor can be used like an object oriented photo-manipulation program with a timeline: things that can be manipulated in a photo (workshop) program can be manipulated in ZS4 using parameters which alter over time.

ZS4 Video Editor is worth using when…

  • the final output is a combination of more than 2 media sources rendered simultaneously. (like nine talking heads separately filmed, but later arranged in a 3×3 video wall combination)
  • every aspect of the compositing process needs to be ‘tweened with an adjustable interpolation algorithm, from rotation angles to audio volume and chroma key sensitivity etc…
  • it becomes necessary to create custom effects and imaging processes by combining any number of effects using a highly flexible and infinitely variable toolbox of imaging “primitives”.
  • the user likes to be limited by their own imagination instead of the software-makers ideas of the “desirable”.

the ZS4 design therefore favours…

  • choice over clarity.
  • uniqueness over “standard”.
  • chaos over order.
  • flexibility over simplicity.
CD Authoring, Video Editing
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Votes: 5 / Average 4.20


Operating Systems

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  • Linux

  • Mac

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  1. deepakkumar says:

    video mixing pc app kaise load kare

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